Cathy Kassa

Music has always ben a part of my life growing up in Bucks County, from the church choir to piano and flute lessons. I combined my interest in music and psychology when I studied music therapy at Michigan State. I enjoyed musical performance as a member of the MSU concert band and the exclusive wind ensemble. Upon graduation in 1995, I used my education to serve children and adults with special needs at the Kardon Institue and helped to improve the lives of residents as an administrator at Holland Glen, a long-term residential group home.

While at Holland Glen, I contacted MusicWorks 4 Kids to inquire about additional music services for the residents. When I spoke to the owner, Patty Lee Book, I learned about Kindermusik. As soon as I observed classes at MusicWorks 4 Kids, I was hooked! The program inspired me so much that I began training to become a certified Kindermusik educator. My passion for Kindermusik continued to grow and I split my time between Holland Glen and Kindermusik.

In 2003, life changed once more with the birth of my son Nathan Charles. It was at this point I made the decision to work exclusively for MusicWorks 4 Kids. Finally, I was in a position where I could channel all of my delight as a new mother into my work. In 2006, another fabulous person, Amy Lewis entered my life as the new director of MusicWorks 4 Kids. At the pinnacle of that joyful year, my daughter Claire Sophia was born, adding even more to my Kindermusik teaching perspective as a parent.

Some of my most cherished memories are the ones of times I’ve spent with my children during their Kindermusik classes. Now, as I’ve taken another exciting step as owner and director of MusicWorks 4 Kids, my goal is for each parent and child to experience the same bonding, enrichment, education and wonder that Kindermusik has allowed our family to enjoy.