We’ve been very lucky to work with some really great folks who understand the value of music education for children. Here are some nice things they have said about us…


My daughter Kendra has really enjoyed music this year. How exciting it has been! Miss Cathy is wonderful with every child and her love of music transfers to all of the kids. We can't wait to continue next year."Lisa P.

My kids and I love Kindermusik with MusicWorks 4 Kids! We've been taking classes ever since we moved to Doylestown! The teachers are great and loving, the classes age appropriate and everyone has a lot of fun singing and dancing and while doing so learning the music basics! My oldest daughter just graduated at the age of 7. She's sad to go, but cannot wait to start her piano lessons. She already knows her notes!  I would recommend MusicWorks 4 Kids to anybody looking for early musical education anytime!"Verena D.

The MusicWorks 4 Kids curriculum and class materials are far superior to those of other children's music programs. I know my daughter will benefit for years to come from the variety of music and instruments she experienced in her MusicWorks 4 Kids class."Carrie G.

When my daughter was 2, (and didn't have a sense of time) she would ask if everyday was Friday ... since that was the day she attended "mu class." My daughter used to sing songs from class while she was "napping,"  listening to her over the monitor brought a smile to my face. Kindermusik CDs have dominated my car music for years, its been a great way to pass the time and get them familiar with the music. Both my children have staged music classes at home, from playing air guitar and singing "Our Time"  to having me "listen to a sound."  Imitation is a great form of flattery. We have been attending classes at MusicWorks 4 Kids since my daughter was 7 months old.  The classes are fun, well organized and a great way to introduce music to our kids and spend quality time together."Bridget M.

We have been bringing our daughter to Kindermusik classes since she was 6 months old and have loved every minute!  Not only has it been a great way for her to learn to love all types of music but also to develop her socialization and communication skills as well. Every teacher we’ve ever had has been wonderful and the materials that are provided are superb...especially the CDs."Betsy B.

Both of my sons have been a part of the MusicWorks 4 Kids family for 7 years and counting! The instructors are all truly sincere in their appreciation of music and enjoyment of children; music class has always been a bright spot in our week. It was a wonderful prelude to pre-school; the boys learned to listen in a nurturing, gentle setting. In addition, as a mom I have developed friendships with several other moms which have carried outside the classroom;  it is truly an environment of caring, loving people. I can't say enough good things about this particular MusicWorks 4 Kids class, I would recommend it to anyone!"Amy M.

My daughter has loved the class...in particular we both loved the 'make a boat' homework. She loves that boat...now it's not just a boat. Sometimes it's an elevator, sometimes it's a car, sometimes it's a home for her baby dolls. I love how she is using her imagination! And makes you realize kids do not need toys...they just need a cardboard box and lots of imagination! Thank you!"Amy T.

As a mother of 4 children, who all went through the MusicWorks 4 Kids program from the time they were 1 until they graduated from young child 2 at age 7, I can honestly say that this is the best musical program out there. My kids gained so much knowledge and appreciation of music in these classes. They learned how to read musical notes on the staff and how to play the recorder, glockenspeil and the dulcimer. Plus they   learned about music from different cultures and the history of various composers. All of my children continue to play musical instruments (flute, clarinet, violin and piano) and they have a love for music that was truly enriched by this great program and the wonderful teachers at MusicWorks 4 Kids."Ayres B.

I've been coming to MusicWorks 4 Kids for 5 years now, since my daughter was 9 months old. Now my 2 year old son is enjoying the weekly classes as well. We love going to class and seeing our teacher Miss Cathy, are exited to meet other parents, make new friends and just spend quality time with our children. The different sessions for the specific age groups are great. Listening to the music CDs are fun—anywhere at home or in the car. MusicWorks 4 Kids is a fantastic program."Saskia K.