Imagine That!

For 3 to 5 year olds

Imagine That! is designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative children ages 3 to 5. Imagine That! classes encourage socialization, sharing, and participating in group activities.

Available Session(s):

  • Winter/Spring 2018
    Jan 23, 2018 through May 12, 2018

    Toys I Make, Trips I Take — Think of it like taking a course inside a child’s imagination. We’ll use the theme of a toy shop to make our pretend-creations, using rhythm and songs with every imaginary saw, hammer, and nail. The result is building the preschooler’s sense of a sequence of events, which is good for storytelling, as well as making his ideas a reality.

    Toys I Make, Trips I Take Monthly Mini Themes:

    • Lessons 1-4: The Jack-in-the-Box Jumps Up! We imagine ourselves to be toys in a toyshop, wondering and exploring how different toys move and the sounds they make. We also make our own instruments! We’re strengthening our listening, language, and social skills, using our play to make ourselves at home in the larger world.
    • Lessons 5-8: Out Here on the Sea: We build boats and float away off across the sea. We dance and twinkle like stars. We play so many different kinds of instruments; we dance and we sing. When we leave our Kindermusik class, our eyes sparkle with the joy and confidence of our new learning.
    • Lessons 9-12: Down by the Station: We’re down at the station with all the little pufferbellies, packed suitcases and maps in hand! In our musical journey through music and movement, we learn that we can choose to stop our train – even when traveling fast! We also learn teamwork through instrument play and continue to explore the magical world of reading and writing!
    • Lessons 13-16: TippityTippity Too! We are learning about ourselves by playing with animals! Singing songs about animals, moving like animals, wondering about the world of animals, and while we play we’re traveling toward reading and writing! We finish by taking the time to share and celebrate the learning and growing we’ve done all while traveling at the speed of fun!

    Session Includes:

    Home Materials: Two literature books—If I Had a Big Blue Boat and Tippity Tippity Too; Toys I Make, Trips I Take play set (pretend play manipulative component); two Home CDs or digital music; a Family Activity Book; and a drum; all packaged in an Imagine That! backpack.

    Days & Times: Wednesday 10:30, Thursday 10:30, Friday 9:30, Saturday 9:15(full)
    Session Length: 45 minutes per class (first 30 with teacher, last 15 with parents/siblings), 15 weeks
    Session Costs: $295 for 15 weeks of tuition and materials
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